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"I cannot say enough good things about Misty.  Five years ago we welcomed our first child into the world. She was my rock through what proved to be a long, difficult labor. She gave me confidence and reassurance throughout the day, encouraging me and providing the support I needed to stick to my intended birth plan. After our son was born and I and was moved into my postpartum room, I remember telling her I would undoubtedly have her at any future births. Since than, she has been with me during the deliveries of our three daughters. Misty knew exactly what I needed during labor, without me having to ask. Although my husband and I have a strong connection, he generally doesn't know how to support me in labor.  Misty, on the other hand, knew exactly what I needed during each moment, whether it be counter pressure, introducing relaxing scents, or whispering words of strength and encouragment. She was an advocate for me in labor when situations arose that I wasn't fully able to deal with because I was concentrating. Misty was also available throughout each pregnancy as needed whether it was a call for a potentially serious condition, or a quick text for a common question. Misty is knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive."

Jenny, mother to Elias, Henley, Palmer, and Lennon


"My husband and I had the pleasure of having Misty at the birth of your two beautiful babies...our daugther in November 2011 and our son in January 2015. Misty is wise, encouraging, extremely knowledgable, and beyond compassionate. We feel that her vast experience as a doula and mother greatly contributed to our two medication free water births at Mountain Midwifery and we are forever grateful to her! Misty gave me the support and strength that I needed to get through the tough times of pregnancy and labor and was always there to remind me of just how powerful my body is, how strong my mind is, and to surrender when I needed to. Thank you, Misty!"

Amber, mother to Emerson and Cael


"I have a four year old son, and my birth experience with him was less than great. My first birth experience left me with PTSD, it was a whirlwind of confusion, uncertanity, and pain. I was finally able to get pregnant again and my friend suggested hiring a doula for this baby. I was not sure it was for me because I was certain nothing could help my birth experience be better than my first one. I was sure I was going to have another terrible experience that I would just have to "get through." I could never have been more wrong! Misty and my husband formed a strong team of support, encouragement, and love!  Some might think a doula takes the place of a husband, but it absolutely does not! I feel like together they formed the perfect team.  I had a strong feminine presence informing me and enncouraging me along the way and my husband's love and support- which was the perfect combination.  My unmedicated second birth completely changed my birth experience.  Everytime I would lose focus, Misty was there to keep me calm and bring me back to center. Because of her, I know I want a third child. Not only that, I am not terrified, and even looking forward to giving birth again! I would without a doubt recommend a doula for anyone giving birth. Whether it's your first child or your fourth, having Misty as your doula will provide the unimaginable support you don't even know you need."

Kristin, mother to Declan and Emery


"After meeting several doulas, Dave and I were still contemplating how we would respond to labor and delivery and what style coaching we would need. We had never done this before! Thankfully, we were referred to Misty. We left our interview with her in total agreement- we were drawn by her sense of humor first, as well as a combination of compassion and a no-nonsense approach. Misty was available to me thoughtout late pregnancy when I had questions about what to expect physically or simply needed coaching that we could have the natural childbirth experience we desired. Her help in thinking through the experience we wanted to have, led us to make a late pregnancy shift to a midwife practice that had a track record consistent with our birth plan goals. Misty was sensitive to what I needed at different stages of my pregnancy, whether that was comforting me or telling me to toughen up. The day I went into labor, Misty helped us come up with a plan that resulted in a beauiful birth experience. We stayed in touch by phone with Misty (and our midwives) throughout the day, up until the urge to push! She met us at the hospital just in time to assist us in welcoming our daughter into the world. "

Hillary, mother to Adele


"I met Misty while pregnant with my second child, after a disappointing birth with my first. I didn't want a repeat of the first, but was still confused about my birth plan. I knew from the first conversation that Misty was the right person to support us. We waited a little late to seek out a doula, but Misty easily helped us prioritize our wants and needs, and helped us navigate through our decisions to get focused and the right path with gentle yet focused guidance. My husband and I both have strong personalities, and she just got us. Every decision was our own, but she helped us navigate the process beautifully and discover what was most important. The best part of working with her was our birth--it was so awesome, and Misty was such a peaceful presence. Immediately after the birth she was so helpful in taking care of everything so we could just enjoy our baby girl. It was truly like having a best friend there to nurture and share in the joy. She took the most priceless picture of me with my baby right after the birth, and I am so grateful to have the joy of the moment captured so candidly.  I think of Misty everytime I see that snapshot."

Donna, mother to Lola and Lainey


"My husband and I moved to Denver about a year ago and became pregnant with our first child. With all of our family in California we knew we wanted a doula that would be there to support us. From the moment we met Misty we knew she was the perfect fit. We planned to give birth naturally at Mountain Midwifery Birth Center with Misty by our side but our plans completely changed when my water broke and was filled with meconium. We were transferred to the hospital and struggled to cope with the change in birth plan and new environment. Misty arrived shortly after we were admitted and brought a sense of peace to the new birth plan. She labored with my husband and I for 24 hours until our baby was born. Misty attended to both my husband and my needs throughout the labor, continually bringing warm towels, rice socks, encouraging words and creative ideas for pain management. Misty's presence and support helped my husband and I create a comfortable birth environment despite the change in plans and avoid unnecessary medical interventions. Misty's support did not end with the birth of our son, she also met with us postpartum to help us process what we had experienced. Misty's thoughtful questions before and after the birth were very helpful for me to process the birth. She is a great listener, God uses her to bless others. We were so blessed by Misty's support during and after the birth of our son."

Rylee, mother of Levi


"We had planned to interview several doulas, but never interviewed anyone else after meeting Misty. We feel so blessed to have found her right from the beginning. She was exactly what we needed and wanted in a doula. She was with us every step of the way and answered every question we had. Misty helped us to prepare questions to ask as we considered which hospital was best for our desired natural birth experience. She attended some of our birthing classes with us, and even stepped in when my husband couldn't attend. Having her there meant so much to both of us. Our delivery was fast. Labor began four weeks before our due date and lasted only three hours. While laboring at home, Misty calmed us by phone, walked us through each contraction, and helped us determine when to leave for the hospital. She was waiting for us when we arrived at the hospital and was with us for the entire journey. Misty ensured that the hospital staff respected our birthing plan and stayed with us after our sweet Aria was born. I would recommend Misty to any couple hoping to pursue a natural childbirth. She was always there for us, making the journey memorable."

 Josslyn, mother of Aria


"During my first labor and delivery experience, Misty gave my husband and I a sense of peace. calm, and direction. She graciously shared her wisdom both during pregnancy and during L&D with any question that came up. I always felt she had our back and was in constant communication with us. I had a long labor---nearly 40 hours---and she faithfully gave of herself during all of it. She came to our home early in the process and when my labor slowed, she recommended an emergency chiropractor session to shift my baby's position. Afterwards, she came back to our home for a long night of laboring before heading to the hospital early in the morning. Throughout it all, I experienced a gamut of emotions! From fear, hope, pain, exhaustion, and feeling crazy at times. Misty walked beside me through all of them. Nothing seemed to surprise her which helped calm me as a first time mother.  She also helped keep my husband in good spirits with her welcoming and light humor. She helped to take the pressure off my husband and be a part of the process as a father. At the end she even helped us pack our bags and helped move us to our postpartum room. We wouldn't hesitate recommending her to anyone and plan to use her again if we are gifted with another pregnancy."

Amy, mother to Boaz


" As first time expecting parents, we hired Misty as our doula to help lead us through the labor and delivery experience. We did everything we could to prepare ourselves for the big day, but nothing proved to be as valuable as having Misty by our side to "coach" us through the various stages of labor. Misty's experience, guidance, and overall support helped us through one of life's most stressful, yet rewarding events! We are so glad we chose to use a doula and specifically have Misty at our side through the birth of our son."

Kevin, dad of Coen


"Misty was SO helpful throughout the entire process from delivery preparations all the way through postpartum. With this being my first pregnancy, I felt completely lost in the process. Misty was right there to guide me and my husband through it all and it really raised our comfort level. She had great advice on books to read, exercises to do, proper hydration, mental preparation, bag packing, laboring at home, birth plan, etc. She was always very accessible and responsive when we had questions or concerns. She took my husband's numerous calls in the wee hours when I was laboring at home and we were trying to decide when to go to the hospital. At the hospital, it was nice to have Misty there, whose sole purpose was to help guide us through the experience with no ulterior motives like nurses/doctors may have. I made it through 26 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing with no drugs when the doctor told us he wanted to do a c-section because baby was improperly positioned. Misty didn't even flinch when we decided to go ahead with the c-section... she was very supportive and non-judgemental, which was very reassuring. She was in the operating room with us and took TONS of pictures after baby was born. If she wasn't there, none of those precious moments would have been captured. I will be forever grateful for that. And Misty stayed with me in recovery, holding my hand, while my husband with off with the baby. It was nice to not be alone during that time. She checked in frequently in the days that followed and was very supportive in the postpartum stage, which was a hard time for me. She still checks in from time to time, and my baby is 8 months old now! If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, don't be, just do it! And if you choose Misty you will not regret it!"

Leslie, mother of Henley


"Misty was attentive and easy to contact with questions. She was really perceptive about our dynamic as a couple and my needs during labor. She is really good at her job! We felt the monetary investment we made we got back in terms of email support during pregnancy, her constant presence during and after labor and our conversations during prenatals and our postpartum visit. I can't wait to recommend Misty to my friends!"

Jennifer, mother of Russell


"Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with our third child, my husband and I got news of another upcoming deployment. Looking at the calendar we quickly realized he would be gone for the birth of our son. Despite knowing this could happen, I still felt uneasy about how I would do without my husband there to support and coach me through my labor. Misty was committed to me and my pregnancy and ultimately committed to helping my husband from afar. It was reassuring to know she would be by my side when my husband would not be able to. Although my husband was halfway around the world, Misty was able to talk with him and include him in the process of labor via Skype. Misty was an incredible coach- she was encouraging and energizing while also being calming and comforting. She kept me focused as I made my way through another completely natural delivery. I am so thankful for Misty and the support she gave us. She truly went above and beyond for my family. She will always be special to us since she shared in the adventure of welcoming our precious boy into the world."

Krista, mother of Calen


"We interviewed a few doulas in the area, but clicked with Misty right away. She was very involved in our pregnancy and labor from the start, introducing us to The Bradley Method and even attending a few of our Bradley Classes with us. During our prenatal meetings Misty covered all the details we forgot to discuss and ensured that we were as prepared as possible. Once labor started it instantly became clear to us how advantageous her services really are. She was there through every step of the birthing process, providing constant support to me. My husband and I took the Bradley Courses and knew what to expect, but my labor didn't exactly follow any sort of plan or progress as quick as we would have liked. When going through that much pain, it was comforting to have Misty present, as a woman who has experienced childbirth herself. Misty knew immediately based on how I was sitting and what I was saying what I needed. I didn't have to ask her anything- she was always just there, doing exactly what I needed, when I needed it the most.  Since the birth of our son, she continues to be an excellent resource,  providing countless answers to newborn care. Most importantly, she was able to provide us with what we desired most: a natural childbirth and profound experience of welcoming our son into the world. Even after having been through labor and attending childbirth classes, I will undoubtedly have Misty at all my future births."

Jenny, mother of Elias (see above for updated testimonal!)


"As prepared as a first time father thinks he can be, things will come up that we don't understand or don't know how to handle. Having Misty for a source of knowledge at your right hand is as vital as a car seat to take your child home in."

Aaron, father of Elias


"When we found out we were pregnant, we had no idea what a doula was. I was given a business card for Divine Doula by a friend. Then we found out we were having twins, and with this exciting news we decided to give Misty a call. We wanted our birth experience to meet all of our expectations and with twins we felt like we really needed the additional support. As first time parents, we didn't know where to start. What I liked about having Misty available is that she helped us educate ourselves and reminded me at every doctor appointment to ask lots of questions, and would help me with what questions to ask when needed. Her reminding me to ask questions helped give me a better understanding of why the doctor was making certain recommendations throughout my pregnancy. As it turns out, we were unable to have a natural childbirth due to both of the babies being breech. Yes, it is possible for a woman to deliver twin breech babies, but after educating ourselves on c-sections and asking questions about breech births we chose to have a c-section. Misty was there to support and educate us along this path.  When our big day come, Misty was there at the hospital at 6am. I especially enjoyed all her support that day. After the babies were born Misty was in the OR holding my hand while my husband went with the babies. Misty made sure my requests for the day were carried out. She also encouraged me to make a birth plan even though I was having a c-section, and I am so thankful she did! Misty was instrumental in helping with the initial breastfeeding and it was nice to have the guidance and encouragment. Misty went above and beyond our expectations of a doula. We were able to make the best of our birth experience, even though it was not what we initially anticipated. I would love to have Misty as our doula again if we decide to have more children. "

Christina, mother of twins; Jacob and Sarah 


"I was asked by a friend if I would like a doula for the birth of my daughter. I wasn't sure initially since I didn't know a lot about it. We met with Misty and I instantly thought she would be the perfect fit for me.  Little did I know she would be a life saver! I have a fusion in my back and lots of pain associated with it. I was told by the medical field that an epidural would be the only way for me because of the chronic pain. The epidural was done incorrectly and I ended up having my baby naturally! Since my husband and I were totally unprepared we did not know how to handle things. Misty was invaluable to me and helped me get through the birthing experience. I would recommend her services to anyone!

Missy, mother of Paige


"We worked with Misty on the birth of our third child. After going through the birth of our second child with little to no support from the nurses and doctors at the hospital we decided that we wanted to be more in control of what was going on during the birth of our third child. Misty was very knowledgeable and helped us come up with a birth plan that suited our individual needs. During the birth process Misty helped my husband and I stay focused admist the chaos going on around us. We are happy to say that with the help of Misty we were able to achieve the birth that we had been hoping for-a drug free delivery with a happy, healthy baby.

Patti, mother of Noah


"Misty was our doula for the birth of our first baby, Luke. Her support was invaluable! Misty helped us in the weeks before to come up with a birth plan. She had lots of great advice and suggestions unique to our situation. She was very dedicated to making sure we had the natural birth experience my husband and I were hoping for. My labor was long, and Misty (who was also pregnant at the time) was there being helpful and supportive the entire time. We would recommend her to anyone, and would choose her again if we have another child."

Lori, mother of Luke


"I wasn't sure I needed a doula. At the encouragment of close friends, I interviewed a few doulas in my area. I met Misty and clicked with her instantly. She helped educate my husband and I on the basics of childbirth and newborn care. While I was in labor, Misty dedicated her entire day to my husband and I. Labor was slow to progress. Finally, after 36 hours, our beautiful son was born. Misty was absolutely amazing! She helped me focus through contractions and kept me motivated even though I was exhausted. Misty walked us through numerous challenges and stayed by my side the entire time. My husband is eternally grateful for Misty's presence and encouragement. Every first time Mom definitely needs a doula! Thanks for everything, Misty!"

Diana, mother of Andrew